These interactive Music Theory tutorials explain how music works, in simple language that you can relate to.  There are nine tutorials, each divided into several topics.

Every topic contains a wealth of diagrams and sounds to illustrate the points being explained.  Try clicking on the button below to see how the sounds work.

If you do not hear any sound when you click on this button, select Check Sound from the Help menu.  This will assist you in diagnosing and correcting the problem.

The tutorials are concise but very comprehensive, starting with the absolute fundamentals of sound, and going right through to advanced activities such as improvisation and songwriting.

Any selected topic or tutorial can be printed, using Preview from the File menu.  All tutorials can be printed as a book, by using this command when the first How Music Works topic is selected.

Beginners should read each topic completely before moving on to the next, because each one builds on the concepts of those before it.

Experienced musicians may wish to skip ahead to the more advanced topics, but you should still review the earlier tutorials to fill in any gaps in your knowledge.

Whatever your musical background, you will find these tutorials a valuable source of instruction and reference.  They will make the progress of your musical journey faster, more certain and more satisfying.

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