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The ChordWizard® family of musical software products are based on a simple philosophy:

To improve the musicianship of players and students of all levels, by making the benefits of music theory accessible through quality software.

There have traditionally been two approaches to music instruction and reference products.

The classical approach of formal education gives a disciplined coverage of music theory, but often fails to provide the tools needed for a student to readily apply the theory to their own personal experimentation.

The popular approach of contemporary music culture is more accessible to casual musicians, but tends to gloss over the foundation principles of music which are so essential for continuing and satisfying musical development.

The How Music Works tutorials bridge this divide by presenting a unified and comprehensive view of how the elements of music work in all situations, richly supported by sound samples so that each element can be learned, heard, and understood.

The growing family of other ChordWizard software products bring these elements to life within the context of real musical instruments and activities.

Throughout these tutorials are several inset boxes like this one.  They appear in several topics to notify you wherever ChordWizard products have specific features which are relevant to the subject of the topic.

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