(6.10)  Related Chords of Other Keys

So far we have looked at the related chords of the C Major, C Melodic Minor and C Harmonic Minor scales.

What about the related chords of these scale types in other keys?  For example, what are the related chords of D Major, E Melodic Minor, or F# Harmonic Minor?

As you might suspect, we arrive at the same pattern of related chord types, by transposing the root notes through the same interval as the tonic note of the scale.

For example, some related chords of the C Major scale are Cmaj, Dm, Em and Fmaj.  We want to find the equivalent related chords of the D Major scale, which is two semitones higher that the C Major scale.

We find them by raising the root notes of the chords by the same two semitones, to give us Dmaj, Em, F#m and Gmaj.  Compare the sounds of all the scale tone triads in the keys of C Major and D Major.

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